WaterGuard Pro Pool guest management system

Big data features

Der WaterGuard Pro is an intelligent system that learns regularly through manufacturer updates. State-of-the-art technologies such as neural networks and deep learning algorithms are used. In addition to the security aspect, it provides you with a solid database for a variety of applications.

Forecasts for visitor numbers

WaterGuard Pro collects and stores user relevant data, such as all visitor numbers. If you relate this to the weather data that is also stored, the WaterGuard Pro system provides you with daily forecasts of the expected number of visitors. This provides you with a solid data basis for scheduling your personnel and the use of chemical substances such as chlorine.

Seamless documentation

A very important feature:
WaterGuard Pro provides you with complete documentation at any time by exporting the data as a CSV file. And thus the proof that you have carefully complied with official regulations.

Made by SALZGEBER IT-Revolutions

WaterGuard Pro is a development of Salzgeber GmbH. The company is one of the European technology leaders in the fields of IT, media, video, audio and alarm solutions as well as digitalization. Domestic and foreign companies, research facilities and public safety institutions rely on the versatile system house with headquarters in Tulln and a branch in Vienna. As such, Salzgeber GmbH is a partner of well-known companies in the fields of Digital Signage, CCTV, Voice Over IP, Data Over Laser, AV Systems, Access Control, Security Systems, 3D & Multimedia Visualization, Network Engineering, IT Project Development.

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