WaterGuard Pro Pool guest management system

How does WaterGuard Pro work?

Der WaterGuard Pro is a freely scalable tool that can be adapted to any pool facility and records the number of guests and pool users at defined time intervals. Depending on how you have previously configured the alarms, it will sooner or later warn you of unacceptable overcrowding. A well thought-out system of intelligent software and robust hardware makes it possible.


The camera cyclically creates an image of the pool(s) at short intervals and automatically sends the data to the server via a network cable or mesh WLAN. There, an artificial neural network processes the received and very extensive information according to a deep learning algorithm, interprets it and learns continuously


The controller controls the communication between the camera and the WaterGuard server behind your firewall. And in such a way that your firewall is not "touched" in any way and the security of your system remains fully ensured.

Alarm sensor

Depending on local conditions, the alarm sensor can be mounted stationary (e.g. in the checkout area) on the wall and/or flexibly positioned as a free-standing barrel near the pool. The barrels are either connected to the system with a cable, in which case they are also supplied with electricity. Or the connection is via WLAN and the power supply is provided by batteries.


As a browser-based system, WaterGuard Pro provides you with all information via the Internet. After logging in, you or the pool attendant will see all relevant data on a clearly arranged dashboard. From the number of guests in the pool to the current pool users to the water temperature and the alarm. Whether the anonymizable images of the pool are displayed as well is also up to your individual configuration, which can also be defined individually for each user in the background. Or to put it another way: You decide who sees what!